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Technical Session #1 - Topic: Engine removal

Photos by Michael Hackney

Slide show of these photos created by Kevin Cavavella

Slide show of engine removal and cars outside created by Kevin Cavavella

folks.jpg (105258 bytes)
Fran De Leo, Gary Fish behind, Niece, Kevin
looking-on.jpg (288281 bytes)
Tom Coughlin, Greg McManus, Peter Crawford, Dave Willard
fran.jpg (108897 bytes)
Fran, Jeff Toner, Bob Soldani, Randy Robinson
fix.jpg (92321 bytes)
Disconnect the Zenith air filter
under.jpg (78747 bytes)
Disconnect tach cable
trunk.jpg (79658 bytes)
Dave removes top nut on passenger
trunk-3.jpg (91667 bytes) Kevin holds the back of the bolt while Dave removes nut trunk-4.jpg (68477 bytes)
Pull engine back to disconnect from
engine-1.jpg (103715 bytes)
Using a pipe to lift motor off jack and
onto cardboard below
engine-2.jpg (109601 bytes)
Tilt engine back to pull it out from
under the car
engine-3.jpg (111794 bytes)
Engine OUT!
outside.jpg (148104 bytes)

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