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Stow, MA - July 12, 2003

TYP356NE made special arrangements for our members to have a guided tour of the private Collings Estate and their collection of antique cars & other vehicles as well as the airplane hangar which houses a part of their collection of vintage airplanes.  The auto collection has approximately 70 pre-1950 vehicles and there are other WWII military and commercial vehicles, too.  The hangar has several vintage aircraft including a '42 Stearman, an AT-6, a '45 Avenger, a '48 T-33 Shooting Star and replicas of the Wright plane and Fokker Triplane (ala "Red Baron").  Also in the hangar is their collection of midget, sprint and "Indy" race cars. 

Bob and Caroline Collings created the Foundation with an initial  focus on restoring vintage automobiles and other transportation modes, but soon shifted emphasis to restoring and touring with flying examples of WWII warbirds. A visit to their website -- WWW.COLLINGSFOUNDATION.ORG -- will give you a complete overview of the organization and it's goals, as well as pictures of planes in their collection.

Photos from the visit:

By Don Osborne...
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And by Bill Macy...
wm-bob_collings.jpg (150354 bytes)
Host Bob Collings on the right

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wm-hangar1.jpg (108905 bytes) wm-hangar2.jpg (117575 bytes)

More photos...