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Lime Rock Rolex Vintage Festival

On Friday of the vintage festival, Peter and Ron spent some time in the paddock with Brian Redman, organizer of the Rennsport Reunions, and world famous race driver, discussing next years event scheduled for April of 2004 at the Daytona International Speedway.

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Peter Crawford with Brian Redman and Ron Swenson with Brian

"14 members turned up for the Vintage Racing at Lime Rock Park over Labor day weekend. There were about that many 356's there too! But the only member cars were Jim Stein's silver coupe (#358, also seen on the track!) and David Svarczkopf's silver speedster (#758, seen cruising the paddock). The photo above shows our fearless leader with Rennsport organizer Brian Redman, and me with Brian on the right. It was a nice end to a busy summer (in spite of the rain) and a great motivator for our fall events." - Ron Swenson

Photos by Ron Swenson

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