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The Speedster 50th Anniversary Celebration
Pebble Beach, California June 25, 26 and 27th

This event will be talked about by those in attendance for years to come. It was probably one of the most magnificent 356 events ever, if not the most magnificent! The feeling in the air throughout the weekend was one of a sureal state of mind. It was totally awesome!

Nearly 300 Speedsters and another 300+ coupes, Cabs, and specialty cars graced the greens of the golf course at the Quail Lodge on Saturday afternoon. Everything from a Gmund Coupe, 550 Spider(Joel's) and a line of American Roadsters were displayed in three extremely large areas. There were 356's everywhere you looked. Everyone there was very impressed!

Even at the hotels there were 356's everywhere. At the Monterey Hyatt where Erling, Joel, Bill, Rainer, Sid, John and Lise, Larry and Liz, and Fran and I stayed, it was like 356 Central. At one point in time, we overheard a woman in a large SUV, who was talking on the phone to someone say, "I can't get a parking place anywhere, there's all these little cars taking up all the parking places here!" That about said it all!

The number one Posche was also there, sent over from Stuttgart. It was an opportunity that usually comes once in a lifetime. We were all pleased that we were there to see everything.

We met some of the greatest people there! Everyone was made to feel at home, even though home was 3000 miles away. Many people went out of their way to make the folks from the right coast feel welcome.

Rainer even worked through his vacation helping many 356 owner's having problems while there. We thought once he arrived after putting out fires along the way(literally), he would have a chance to kick back and rest. It seems that Rainer got more enjoyment helping others with their cars, than if he had kicked back. Of course Erling kept Rainer very busy as is illustrated in one of the photos. I guess when a car is in such deplorable condition, problems are sure to occur!

We met many 356 owner's and hope to meet up with many of them again at the East Coast Holiday in September. The trip was well worth it!

Bob DiCorpo
'56 Speedster #82466
356 Registry Member 15312
Typ356NE Membership Chair