Typ 356 Northeast is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the
356 Porsche and to the fellowship of 356 enthusiasts
East Coast Holiday, 2004

Thirty Seven members and friends and 18 cars represented Typ 356 Northeast at this year's holiday. Multiple routes were selected by those driving - all involved trying to sneak south of Hurricane Jeanne as it hooked into New England. Evading the Hurricane and a partly cloud forecast didn't mean we wouldn't be wet on later days driving and at the concours.

638 people were registered and about 300 cars made quite a scene; at the headquarters hotel's parking lot, on self-guided drives to plantations and at the Concours in historic Yorktown.

In spite on national 356 celebrities and some colossal cars - getting there was half the fun and it was the camaraderie of T356ne members made this event truly special. Getting home in delightful fall weather was another half of the fun. All told we had about 150% fun.

Special thanks go to:
Peter Crawford for coordinating the travel plans and keeping us in touch.
Bob DiCorpo leader of big-rain-one-day-blast group.
Bill Collins leader of the if a little-hurricane-is-good-two-days-is-better-group.
Erling Falck coordinator of the put-it-in-a-truck-and-drive-a-car-with-21st-century-wipers-gang.
Edgar Broadhead and George Nelson for some critical field service (and piece of mind).
And Alex Finigan for sheltering the transporter vehicles and for making us all within two degrees of separation of Jerry Seinfeld.
Not to mention Joel Horvitz who in addition to sharing his fabulous Spyder with the assembled crowd gave the Registry an important boost years ago so there could be a 30th Anniversary East Coast Holiday for us to attend.

While the rain made itself evident it wasn't a downer... just part of life with an old car.

Hope to see you all at our upcoming events. - Ron Swenson, Typ356 President

Photos from the East Coast Holiday by Edgar & Nancy Broadhead

One of Jerry Seinfeld's many
Porsches. Is that him in the

This boy knows to keep
his hands off!

Photos by Chip Bechold

Photos by Bob DiCorpo