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912 Club Drive

On a perfect November day, when the weather was more like early September, 20 Typ 356 cars and their owners motored to the beautiful and uncrowned shores of Southern Connecticut to meet up with a newly formed group of 912 owners. After an inspection of each others cars, a one hour drive through scenic back country roads, where the foliage was at a peak, they stopped at The Sage Restaurant in Chester. The group numbering 35 enjoyed a specially prepared lunch, before they broke up and headed out for more driving, many arriving home in darkness. It was a perfect day and perfect way to end the 2005 Typ 356 season.

Words, photos and captions by Peter Crawford.
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The 356's lined one side of the lot.

Membership chair Bob DiCorpo greets
new 356 clubmember Bill Newman and
his wife, and discusses his
recent trip to Las Vegas.

President Swenson, Ralph Hadley take a
look at John Schiavone's 912. John
spearheaded the get together
for the 912 group

Dick Chiasson greets a 912 member,
and tries to sell him a microscope.

Dick Chiasson and I greet a 912 member.

Dick and Len Canizzaro spend some
time discussing which of the donuts
was their favorite.

Fran DiCorpo tells all the other women
about the night she met Wayne Newton
in Las Vegas last, and how she wound
up on stage singing Danke Shoen.

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