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Drive Your Porsche Day - 2005

Typ 356 Northeast's DYPD had an international flavor with our inaugural Fall Tour - sure to be a new tradition. Quebec City was our destination for a 775 mile 3-day tour. A visit to Parker Tyler's Skowhegan (Maine) 356 parts emporium was a visual trip and a learning experience too!

Meanwhile another Typ 356 Northeast contingent gathered at Lexington, Mass. to drive one of our favorite routes - out to lunch is at Nancy's at the Stow, Mass Airport.

Danna Dearborn with souvenir moose antlers, from Jackman, Maine
Photo by Alex Dearborn

Quebec05 Photos by Swenson include our visit to Parker Tyler's',
border crossing, and portraits in Quebec City

The early morning weather did not look promising at 6am today. But this is a special day, as we celebrate the birthday of Ferry Porsche. Part of our membership journeyed north to Quebec on Friday, so our attendance was somewhat diminished. For the seven cars and nine in attendance, it was a fabulous pre-Fall drive west of the city, led by George Huff. The group is seen here about to have a gourmet lunch at Nancy's Airport Cafe at Stow Airport. This venue has become one of favorite Sunday drive eateries.

Seen outside Nancy's, standing left to right, Larry Sorgi (Liz took the picture), Tom Coughlin, Bob and Brad DiCorpo, Len Canizzaro, George Huff (today's tourmeister in training) Peter Crawford, and Mark Reich. - Peter Crawford

Photo by Liz Sorgi

A third Typ 356 Northeast group ended up at the Myricks, Mass airport.

"Bill Sooter, Lise Merrifield and myself took a drive this afternoon
 - Bob DiCorpo typically leads our South Shore drives but I think
he joined the folks up North today.

We had a great drive starting in the small town of Myricks, MA and took
a winding tour through Newport, RI before ended up back at a small
airfield in the Myricks. There we met up with some vintage flyers--great,
friendly folks. One even took me for a ride in his plane! Check out
the photo's---the red and green specs in the middle of
that first picture are Bill's car, and my car, respectively--I took that
one from the air! The other one is from Ocean Drive, Newport."

- Charles Kling