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The forecast for today could not have been nicer for the Seventh Annual Founders Day Tour along the South Coast of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. A total of 19 cars and 30+ passengers and guests, drove a 55 mile course that ended at the Westport Winery. Once there, our hosts for the day, Bob DiCorpo, Bill Sooter, and Charles Kling, provided the group with a gourmet, that Bob said, "took him all night to prepare". The winery is a club favorite, as it is our third time there.

Our thanks to Bob, Bill, and Charles for an outstanding Founders Day event.

Peter S. Crawford

The drive wound through
uncrowded scenic roads
for two hours.

Bill and Connie Collins enjoy
the drive with the top down

The group took a mid way
break at Horseneck Beach
in Westport.

Larry and Liz Sorgi get
caught in the turnaround
at Westport Harbor and spend
the next two hours trying to
free themselves. Fortunately
they made it in time
for lunch.

What would a Typ 356
gathering be without some
good engine talk. Here
George Nelson, Vic Zeller,
and Gordon Nichols discuss
the viscosity of oil.

Fran DiCorpo is amazed at
Bob's hidden talents,
and was heard commenting
that " He is never happier
than when he is at home
cooking in the kitchen."
Bob DiCorpo, in the running for "best event planner of the year"
is seen passing out the cookies that he and Bill Sooter
cooked the night before.

Co chair for the day Bill Sooter
discusses Dick Chiasson's
Hawaiian Shirt. Dick was on
his way to enter a Brian
Wilson Look-a-like contest
in Falmouth.