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356's in Las Vegas

On a recent trip to Las Vegas with Fran, I visited the restoration shop of Porsche Restoration Specialist Craig Stevenson. His shop is located about 10 miles north of downtown Las Vegas and is situated in a complex adjacent to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Craig and Justin Rio, who in his own right is a Porsche body restoration expert, were kind enough to provide me with a great tour of the shop and some of the treasures it held.

The most impressive vehicle in the shop was a 1961 Carrera Cabriolet which once belonged to Ferry Porsche. Some of the photos below show the Carrera engine, the front trunk compartment and the interior of this #1 car. It has many options which were specified by Ferry when he ordered it at the factory. Notice the one of a kind Houndstooth seats and the multiple relays under the deck to run the vast number of options. Don't be surprised if someday it sits in the factory museum in Stuttgart.

I've also included photos of an original Orange Cab and it's very unique original steering wheel with a dual horn ring. The ring was used to operate a number of options on this car. The race car and the outlaw 356 are both owned by Craig. His race car is pictured on the flyer for his shop which is called, "Dark Horse Racing."

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. The shop certainly contains a good deal of Porsche history.

- Bob DiCorpo