Typ 356 Northeast is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the
356 Porsche and to the fellowship of 356 enthusiasts

Minutes of Typ 356 NE Board Meeting

Date of Meeting: November 2, 2004

Place of Meeting: George’s Restaurant in Brockton at 6:00 p.m.

Attendees: Ron Swenson, President
George Huff, Vice President
Jerry Tulis, Treasurer
Jim O’Hare, Secretary
Bob DiCorpo, Membership
Bill Collins, Member at Large

Distribution: Attendees
Peter Crawford, Events Chairman
Dave Willard, Tech Chairman
Len Cannizzaro, Member at Large
Greg Graham, Member at Large
Dick Chiasson, Member at Large
Loosey Blake, Web Master


  1. The Meeting Minutes from October 12, 2004 were approved as submitted.
  2. Jerry Tulis presented the Treasurer’s report. The current Club balance is $3,031.50. There are no major expenses left for 2004.
  3. Bob DiCorpo, Membership Chairman, reported that current membership is 129, equal to last month.

Scheduling and Events

The following events were discussed at the meeting. The exact dates and times for all future events should be checked on the Club website.

  1. On Sunday November 14, 2004 George Huff is coordinating a drive and then a luncheon at George Nelson’s in Milton. Tom Caughlin will lead the drive.
  2. Tuesday December 7, 2004 will be the annual Board of Directors Dinner. Ron Swenson proposed, and the Board approved, of inviting the members who hosted an event during 2004 to be the Club’s guests. The dinner will take place at the Concord Inn, Concord, MA.
  3. The annual Holiday Party will take place Sunday, January 15 at the Stockyard Restaurant in Brighton. Dick Chiasson is in charge.
  4. The annual Planning Meeting will take place on Sunday, February 13, 2005. Subject to confirmation with Len Cannizzaro, it will take place at the Burger King in Waltham, MA.

New Business

  1. A discussion took place about coordinating an event with the Connecticut 356 group. In the past a number of attempts have been unsuccessful. However, George Huff made a new contact at the ECH. It was decided to run an event next year and include the CT group. The suggestions ranged from a trip to Lime Rock, a drive in eastern CT, or possibly inviting them to our Spring Event which is scheduled to be in Stowe, Vermont. A further discussion will take place at the February Planning Meeting.
  2. The prospect of a New England Convention in 2006 was brought up again. The Board still feels it would be best to let someone else do it. Typ 356 Club Members could certainly volunteer to help the organizers if they wished.
  3. The Board members were encouraged by Ron Swenson to present any new ideas for events in 2005 at the February Planning Meeting.
  4. George Huff suggested that the Club consider organizing an event in March to coordinate with the Ralph Lauren Car Exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. He will present his findings at a subsequent meeting.
  5. Bill Collins had two suggestions of trips he would like to organize. The first would be a tour of Nova Scotia for seven days. The second, a trip to Quebec City for four days. Another suggestion was forthcoming for consideration of a trip through New England. Further details will follow.
  6. Len Cannizzaro, who was not in attendance, asked Ron Swenson to present for consideration moving the winter meetings from Tuesday nights to Saturday mornings. This was vetoed by the board members present.
  7. A discussion of the Club emergency parts travel kit ensued. Bill Collins volunteered to discuss his experience in preparing such a kit for his trip across the USA in his convertible D and his experience in his VW in the Great Races Across America. It was decided that he would have a Tech Session at his garage in late February.

The December Meeting will be at the Concord Inn on December 7, 2004. Exact time and details will be announced.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Jim O’Hare, Secretary

The above represents my understanding of items discussed and agreements reached during this meeting. Please contact me at jimohare@webtv.net if you have questions, concerns or clarifications.