Typ 356 Northeast is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the
356 Porsche and to the fellowship of 356 enthusiasts

March 7, 2006


Organization of the Meeting

The regular meeting of the TYP 356 Northeast Club Board of Directors was held at the Jerry Tulis' office, 313 Congress St. in Boston at 6:00 PM on March 7, 2006.


Bob DiCorpo, President
Bill Collins, Vice President
Jerry Tulis, Treasurer
Tom Gentz, Technical Director
Ron Swenson, Membership/Newsletter
Jim O’Hare, Member at Large
George Huff, Member at Large


Larry Bingaman, Secretary
Peter Crawford, Spring Tourmeister
Ralph Hadley, Website Coordinator
Len Cannizzaro, Member at Large
Dick Chiasson, Member at Large
Greg Graham, Member at Large

Membership Report

Ron Swenson noted that the Club has 123 active members, which includes 2 new members. This number is a bit fluid as there are about 12 members who have not yet paid their 2006 dues. Reminders will be sent to them.


Jerry Tulis, Treasurer, reported there is currently $4698.76 in the Club's Treasury. This figure did not account for $1700 owed to F1 Boston as well as an unknown number of checks for membership dues that had not yet been turned over to Jerry.

Minutes of the February 7 meeting had been distributed electronically by Club Secretary Larry Bingaman, who was unable to attend this meeting. They were approved as submitted.

Event Planning & Scheduling

Bob then led a discussion on the Club’s upcoming events.

Bill Collins brought an updated "Event Chairperson Planning Guide" for the board to consider. Those present felt that it was an excellent outline of the kinds of information that need to be considered and communicated to the membership. Also it was felt that the form should be used flexibly, since the Club sponsors both ad hoc events like last-minute Sunday drives and elaborately-planned events like the Spring Tour, and not all items on the form need to apply to all events.

George Huff discussed the status of the karting event to be held on 12 March at F1 Boston. As with last year, it was proving difficult to fill up the quota of 24 drivers needed for the Club to break even. George noted that there were about 6 slots still available, due in part to last minute cancellations. He added that about half of the signed-up drivers were neither Club members nor family of Club members. There was discussion about dropping the event next year.

In Peter Crawford's absence, Bob led a discussion of the Spring Tour. He said that Peter and Dick Chiasson had been checking out the driving routes for the event and there were still details to work out. Peter had reported to Bob that rooms in the hotel's main building were sold out, but that the hotel had additional golf course villa rooms that are remote from the main building that it would make available. There were 43 cars to date.

Plans are mostly settled for the Technical Session at KAM Motorsports at 10 AM, on March 25, at their new shop in Waterbury, CT. Larry Bingaman is coordinating this event. Discussion centered on the expected number of attendees and driving arrangements. An email announcement will go out to alert attendees to meeting points.

Plans for an East Coast Holiday in Mystic (Aug 17-20) seem to be proceeding very slowly, and there was concern attendance might be limited. People who have already made hotel reservations might not be able to get to register. There was discussion about whether our Club should have a visible presence at the ECH and it was decided it was best not to. Instead, our Club should encourage its members to volunteer as individual Registry members to help the organizers.

Bob brought up the idea of having our Club post its event information on the Registry's 356 Talk service. After discussion, it was decided to try a few events and see what happens. Our Spring Tour is already listed in the Registry Magazine.

Re. the “How to do a PPI” (pre-purchase inspection) tech session at Bentley Books in Cambridge on April 8, coordinator Tom Gentz said that he had found a car/owner that presenter Alex Finigan could use for his talk.

Vice President Bill Collins presented two event proposals to the board for discussion. First was a Saturday morning visit to CB Restorations in Haverhill MA. The owner, Carl Brown, started this shop in 1997 after many years working at Paul Russell & Co. One of Carl's customers has an outstanding collection of 40+ early Porsches and VWs, and we would hope to see a number of these cars. They have not been previously available for viewing. The date for this event is still to be determined as it requires coordination with Carl's schedule and existing Club events.

Bill's second proposal is a 3 day 2 night drive through coastal Maine over the Oct 8 weekend. This would coincide with the Owl's Head Transportation Museum's Foreign Auto Festival and Antique Airplane Show. It was pointed out that this event would conflict with the Wolfeboro wooden boat show, and also that the 8th was Columbus Day weekend. The event will be discussed further at the next board meeting.

George Huff volunteered to coordinate a Club drive on Sunday April 30. This drive would start in the Lexington MA area and end with lunch at Nancy's Airport Restaurant in Stow.

Other Club events were briefly discussed, including a Tanglewood drive and concert, an Essex River picnic and a boat ride, a drive to Watkins Glen for the Zippo US vintage Grand Prix (which features Porsche), and a tech session at Meister Restoration. These events are pending and yet to be planned in detail.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held at 6 PM, on April 4, 2006, at a place to be determined.


There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 7:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
George Huff, for Larry Bingaman, Secretary