Typ 356 Northeast is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the
356 Porsche and to the fellowship of 356 enthusiasts

May 22, 2006


Organization of the Meeting:

The regular meeting of the TYP 356 Northeast Club Board of Directors was held at the offices of CBT, 110 Canal, Boston, MA, at 6:00 PM, on May 22, 2006.


Bob DiCorpo, President
Bill Collins, Vice President
Ron Swenson, Membership/Newsletter
Peter Crawford, Events Chairman
Tom Gentz, Technical Director
Ralph Hadley, Website Coordinator
Dick Chiasson, Member at Large
Greg Graham, Member at Large
George Huff, Member at Large
Len Cannizzaro, Member at Large
Jim O’Hare, Member at Large

Absent: Larry Bingaman, Secretary
Jerry Tulis, Treasurer


Board members


The Minutes of the April 10, 2006, meeting were not reviewed. In Larry Bingaman’s absence, Jim O’Hare served as Secretary of the Meeting.

In light of Jerry Tulis’ absence, a general discussion took place about the Club finances. The funds are sufficient for the Spring Tour.

Membership Report:

Ron Swenson, Membership Chairman, reported that there are now 138 members, including five new members, which is an all time record.

Event Planning & Scheduling:

Peter Crawford provided a Spring Tour update and reported that 41 cars and 76 people were expected to participate. Bill Collins mailed booklets with all the details of the Spring Tour on May 22.

Dick Chiasson was complemented for organizing an outstanding drive to eastern Connecticut the previous week-end.
Several new potential events were discussed, including a fall trip to Watkins Glen and a fall drive to Maine. The details and dates will be posted on the website shortly after the Spring Tour.

Bob DiCorpo updated the Board on events around the East Coast Holiday. Twenty people have made reservations.
An event at Hemmings in Bennington, Vermont was also presented by Bob DiCorpo and further will be posted.

Club Logo:

George Huff initiated a discussion on a new logo for the Club. Len Cannizzaro pointed out that money had previously been expended in order to make the existing TYP 356 NE logo transferable to various items such as hats, shirts, etc. A general discussion ensued. Ron Swenson showed a logo that he created. A vote was taken to form a committee to follow up on the feasibility of developing and adopting a new logo. Ron Swenson will head the committee and contact additional members to assist him.

Next Meeting:

The next Board Meeting will be held the end of June or early July with the time and place to be determined.


There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 7:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim O’Hare, Secretary of the Meeting and Member at Large

The above represents my understanding of items discussed and agreements reached during this meeting. Please contact me at jimohare@typ356ne.org if you have questions, concerns or clarifications.