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John Merrifield (1940-2005)

John's first 356 was his 1964 Bali Blue coupe that he purchased new at Pray Auto in Greenwich, Connecticut. He purchased his silver 1956 Speedster in 2003. The original color of that Speedster, according to it Kardex, was Aquamarine Blue Metallic with red interior.

When you met John you found him quiet, observant, and a modest gentleman. That was enough for anyone. It happens to be only the beginning of John's life story. He loved cars and sailing. A man of incredible skills, ten Americas Cup yachts are included in the 50+ custom yachts he constructed. In 1985 John co-founded Merrifield-Roberts Inc., in Bristol, Rhode Island. In addition to fine yachts, Merrifield-Roberts fabricated sculptural projects that brought life to designs by renouned artists like Lichtenstein, Puryear, Oldenburg, Frank Gehry and Phillip Johnson.