Typ 356 Northeast is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the
356 Porsche and to the fellowship of 356 enthusiasts

TYP356NE Schedule

The TYP356NE schedule is actually a Google Calendar. If you already have a Google Calendar account you can subscribe to the TYP356NE calendar using this Calendar ID:

Use the following addresses to access the TYP356NE calendar from other applications:

You can copy and paste this into any calendar product that supports the iCal format: http://www.google.com/calendar/ical/6um2lbfqu4imgu1spvic02k534%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics

You can copy and paste this into any feed reader: http://www.google.com/calendar/feeds/6um2lbfqu4imgu1spvic02k534%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic

To add the TYP356NE calendar to your iPhone:

  1. Using your iPhone, navigate to this page in the Safari web browser.
  2. Touch and hold on the iCal URL above and then select Copy.
  3. Touch Settings, Mail/Contacts/Calendars, Add Account, Other, Add Subscribed Calendar.
  4. Touch and release in the Server field and then touch Paste. The iCal URL should be inserted.
  5. Touch Next.
  6. Touch Save.

If anyone has a different smartphone and figures out how to add the TYP356NE calendar, send the directions to webmaster@typ356ne.org and we'll add it to this page.