Typ 356 Northeast is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the
356 Porsche and to the fellowship of 356 enthusiasts

Schedule of Events for 2005

January 16 Sun T356NE Holiday Party, The Stockyard Restaurant - Allston
February 13 Sun General Membership Planning Meeting.
  27 Sun Tech Session - Windham, NH
March 5 Sat Tech Session @ Bellingham
  20 Sun T356NE Kart Racing at F1
April 2 Sat T356NE Members' Speedster 50th presentation - postponed!
  23 Sat PCA Hershey Swap Meet
May 1 Sun Sunday Drive - Postponed from 4/24
  15 Sun Shakedown Drive - Pomfret, Conn
  29 Sun South Coast Drive to see John Merrifield
June 3-5 Fri-Sun Spring Tour to Stowe, Vermont
  19 Sun Larz Anderson Auto Museum - German Car Day
  24-7/3 Fri-Sun PCA Porsche Parade, Hershey
  29-7/3 Wed-Sun Registry West Coast Holiday, Banff
July 9 Saturday VSCCA Mt Washington Hillclimb
  9 Saturday Trip to Paul Russell
  10 Sunday BSAAC @ Dedham
  24 Sunday T356NE Picnic
July 31 Sunday T356NE @ Tanglewood
August 7 Sunday T356NE Founders Day
September 2-4 Fri-Sun VSCCA Lime Rock
  8-11 Thur-Sun Registry East Coast Holiday, VA
  10 Saturday PorscheFest
  16-18 Fri-Sun T356NE Tour du Quebec - SOLD OUT
  18 Sunday DYPD Drive & Ferry Porsche birthday
  24 Saturday 3rd Annual Vintage German Auto Swap Meet - Ski Roundtop
October 1 Saturday Wolfeboro Car & Boat Show
  2 Sunday NCR Toys for Tots Car Show
  2 Sunday Fort Adams Newport Car Show and Drive
  8 Saturday T356NE Tech Session at Meister Restoration
November 5 Saturday 912 Club Drive in Connecticut


January 8 Sunday Typ 356 Northeast Holiday Party, Allston MA

Weather or other factors can change event plans at the last minute! When questionable - check for last minute e-mail updates. (That's why your home e-mail address is recommended.) Unless noted, you don't need to confirm event attendance. Feel free to e-mail or otherwise communicate with the event contact person. If you do and we've got your accurate home and/or cell phone we may be able to advise you of a postponement before you and your 356 hit the road.